As a holistic psychiatric nurse I view mental health problems from a body-mind-spirit and lifestyle perspective. My holistic approach is to offer appropriate guidance about all aspects that may be impacting your well being. I encourage discussion about how you feel about your wellness and therapy process and what interventions seem most helpful to you. Medical illnesses and past brain injuries affect mental and emotional wellness. Should these apply to you I may offer a referral for brain or physical assessment if it seems that a physical condition is contributing to your distress . Also your involvement with other Complimentary and Alternative Therapy modalities may influence the effectiveness of your healing process. I have found that a collaborative therapeutic process yields the greatest healing opportunity.

Complimentary therapies that focus on the energy system of the body are earning more credibility due to emerging scientific validation of their benefits. As a Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner I offer both meridian and chakra focused approaches as a compliment to the healing of psychological and physical trauma. In addition I offer Therapeutic and Healing Touch energy methods in chronic pain illness, inflammatory conditions, and pre and post surgical procedures.

Advances in brain research in neuroplasticity and developmental attachment have revolutionized the field of psychotherapy since the late 1990’s. It is now understood that the brain’s neural circuitry is capable of changing throughout the lifespan. In most cases mental and emotional states are representative of how one’s brain is ‘wired’ and thus how it may be ‘rewired’ for healthier functioning. For instance we now know that while sharing an account of past traumatic experiences is helpful, repeated re-living of traumatic experiences reinforces the neural ‘wiring’ of encoded cell memory of these traumatic experiences. A quiet, healthy brain is paramount in achieving optimal wellness. Current neuroscience is now directing us toward more effective and gentle methods that support body-mind-spirit wholeness. New and innovative psychotherapies are evolving that are believed to directly access and change entangled brain systems and create new neural circuitry.

Two of these innovative therapies that I provide are CIMBS (Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems) and Lifespan Integration (referred to as LI therapy). Although these methods have not been specifically researched they are based on past and emerging neuroplasticity brain research. There is ample anecdotal data from therapists in the US, Canada, and Europe that these methods are effective in the treatment of PTSD, anxiety, early attachment disruption and trauma.

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