Patient Testimonials of Confidence

A Testimonial of Confidence from a client whose healing experience is life changing is my greatest reward for the dedicated work we do together. Please celebrate these amazing successes that these generous people have been willing to share.

Parent Testimonial

"As a parent of a client of Gina Delmastro, I would like to say that CIMBS therapy has been a miracle treatment for my son (and our family). My son has gone from almost an alien being due to PTSD to a loving family member who is able to have reasonable, thoughtful, and calm conversations and interactions, to think clearly and follow through on a variety of situations, and to feel and express emotions that would not have been possible before this therapy. The change has been astounding. For me it is as if I've been given my son back. We found our way to Gina and CIMBS after going through a long list of other counselors, therapists, treatments, and drugs with few to no results. We had truly almost given up. Finally, and at long last, we have the results we had begun to believe were impossible. I would like to say also that Gina has more than earned our respect and gratitude for taking my son seriously, for taking this therapy seriously, and for the effort and compassion she has shown us in the course in treatment".

~ Mother of Client ~Anonymous for privacy reasons

January 22, 2018 Client Letter of Gratitude

Dear Gina,

Perhaps you remember me as __________. I started seeing you in the early 1990's and left in January of 1996 to move home to Minnesota, equipped with skills you taught me to deal with my family. I am happily married to my husband whom I dated for quite a while before marriage. We have been together for 22 years. I just want to thank you for putting me in the right track. I have a wonderful life and it is due to the the work i did with you.


Anonymous per request

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